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This lovely design was inspired by our very own rescue pup “Bella”. It has a mixture of detailed patterns within the design but flows together beautifully with just newly opened flowers. Much like many rescue animals there can be some complex times, but, when the animal trusts you and opens up... it’s just like a flower blooming. 

Here at Besties we know just how much you love your fur family members and best mates. Whether loud and proud or quietly cool, we have come up with some wonderful designs to help showcase your besties personality  with our Collar’s. 

These Collar's are for indoor cats only and as a result do not come with a bell.

*Made from high density polyester for long lasting durability 

*Lightweight and soft for comfort

*Highly stain resistant, making it easy to clean 

*Buckle collar designed to handle high impact and remain secure  




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